Monday, February 15, 2010

Home solutions

Now that we are moving, we are trying to plan how we´ll organize all our things in a new space. One of our issues, is that we have to have a workspace, as we both work part time at home. Having only one room that has to function both as a dining-living room and an office is a challenge.
The other issue  is that the room has a very dark floor, and we really need to lighten it up, both visually and literally. We also have a lot of books to fit in, which we don´t want to weigh down the space with.
Here are some things that are inspiring me now.

One of my favourites.
The white desk really lightens it up and I love the shelves being interrupted by a very graphic poster.

Another great white desk

Love the way everything´s organized, it looks very neat.
(Martha Stewart via Unplggd)

Very light wood would probably work well too. I like that this takes up so little space.

This office is great, very simple and light, wish we had that amount of light! I like that the storage is on the side rather than in front.

Another option would be to storage books below eye leve, probably on the side.

Extra lighting.
(via the Selby)

Pretty lighting addition.

Do you have any suggestions on how to make a home office for two, blend in to your living/dining room?

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